moving portraits

This is an ongoing experiment which explores the territory between the static portrait and moving pictures. Subjects are alone for about one minute in front of the camera with no music and no instructions. The music is chosen and added later depending on the mood that emerges from the portrait.

Capi, entrepreneur, winethusiast, sympathathlete.


Pierre, entrepreneur, overblogger, runs, flies and climbs mountains.


Maëlly, student, niece, future photographer.


Did, typographer, 3D artist, garden dwarf dealer and geektastic dude.


Jean-Jacques, biker, musicist, elephanthusiast.


Virginie, likes creative paper and breaking chairs.


Celia, Publications manager, family manager, very serious person.


The videos are best viewed full screen and with sound on.
If the image is choppy, switch HD (High Definition) off.

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