enrique pardo photographies

prints & products

Pixels are nice, but photography needs matter. A number of prints and products are currently available for sale.

If you come to the studio, we will open drawers and look at prints and recently framed work.

Most requests are custom made orders. The idea is that you come with an envy and you leave with a photograph!

corporate reportage

Similar to a “carte blanche” reportage, this is for your company, your offices or your factory. These photographs will visually translate the soul of your business. It will show your great surroundings as well as the people at the heart of what you do.

Prior to photographing, you will explain to me why you need these images and how you will use them. Based on this and after we agree on a price and the usage terms, the shooting takes place over a day or more depending on the scope of the project. After the shoot, days of post-processing are required before delivery via my online archive.

“carte blanche” reportage

A “carte blanche” reportage implies that you wish to see your event, company or subject with another eye.
It works like this:

  1. You hire me for one day or more
  2. You give me the latitude to blend into the surroundings and shoot freely. In short: no brief.
  3. You expect the unexpected.
Fees are calculated by days of shooting + usage rights and we must agree to these first before shooting.
Images are delivered and stored on a protected area of my online archive.
Examples are:

corporate headshots

Aimed at corporations who wish a consistent and professional presentation for their collaborators.

Corporate head shots are available on a day basis in my studio or on location. 12 to 15 head shots may be done in a typical day. Hair and makeup services are rarely necessary.

Prior to the sessions, we discuss the style of the images and if required, a test-shot is made for agreement. Once the images are shot, they are post-processed and delivered via my online archive a few days later.

classic black & white portraits

For everyone from your Mum to the CEO, a rock band or your best friend. Makes for a great gift too.

A classic black & white portrait session usually starts with meeting in person. Once we have decided your expectations, we agree on a price and how the photographs will be used. Then we can schedule the shooting which could take an hour or maybe ten, depending on what we have decided. Portraits are usually made in studio, but your place is nice too.