January 31, 2013: the studio hosted the Haiku Experience Group Geneva for their first anniversary meeting. A haiku is a Japanese poetic form consisting of 17 syllables in 3 phrases of 5/7/5 syllables respectively. Here are the haikus of the participants inspired by the “Dormir Ailleurs” series of photographs.

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The light is floating
You whisper and I shiver
Late, so late again

Mountains and rivers
A track of the words around
No time for goodbyes

Here I am elsewhere
Light and shadows, dawn, twilight
Fold is a wrinkle of dream

Smooth, long, curly hair
A wave asleep floating deep
folded in a sheet

Your head on my chest
Unique sculpture every day
Folding, unfolding


Straight road sixty-six
From East to West on my bed
Grandma’s memories!

Wild flowers evoke
Memories of sultry nights
printed on the folds

Sheet is a border
Between me, you and the night
Catch the fold with light

Grass folds should be white
Height is caught with a shot
Your shadow remains

Combien de fils dans
la broderie de ce drap?
Combien dans ma vie?

La droiture très droite
Froisse cet ami un peu gauche
Retrouve le milieu


Me, myself, mine
You, yourself, your nasty words
I wish I was home

Cold winter morning
You left without a goodbye
I didn’t love you anyway

Dead night, milky day
Why can’t I see sharp today?
One more hangover

Let the blank spot glide
River will come to the sea
Ray of hope, shaft of light

The sun streaming
On peaks and plains of childhood
Somewhere dark valleys

Blow love in the blue
As you blew the light so true
You are blind, aren’t you?

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