hi, I’m enrique

“I cap­ture instants you don’t see.”

I refer to myself as a visual sponge and like to constantly stimulate my senses. I have an equal interest in travel, philosophy, words, voices, music, food, faces, typography, nature and much more. I use my curiosity to stay away from conventions and am known to be eclectic, yet inclined to a certain classism.

Born in Paris in 1967, raised in Singapore, England, France and Switzerland, I am the son of several cultures. Argentinian by my father, Eurasian by my mother, I have chosen to become Swiss almost as a pledge to neutrality. Since my childhood, I have always travelled, first with my parents, then on my own, rarely returning twice to the same place.

In 1989, freshly graduated from the “École des Arts Décoratifs” in Geneva, I started a career in graphic design which brought me from the largest agencies to a human-sized company that I created in 1995.

Focussed on people-related photography — mainly portraiture and reportage — my work is balanced between personal research and projects with a corporate scope. Both are intimately connected while my eye remains free, sincere and eager to discover and share.

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